Reboot v1

I just re-enabled some of the URLs and traffic is flowing.

This rebuild is going to require an ongoing effort to bring it back to its former glory but we will get there shortly.

If  you find things are broken then let us know.


26 thoughts on “Reboot v1”

  1. Some DNS entries seem to be missing as of now (ie. Maybe enable them with the “not everything up yet” error message?

    In any case: thanks for bringing Gmane back up again!

    1. The gwene link on the top of the gmane web page does not “work” (connection refused), is this some DNS issue? Or that is coming back only later?

  2. Thank you for bringing Gmane back! It is a very valuable service for the free software world.

    There is one comment I desperately have to make: please do not use CloudFlare. I use Tor to browse the web and do my other activities on the Internet, and CloudFlare makes this really annoying by asking Tor users to fill CAPTCHAs (which require JavaScript; used to work fully without enabling JavaScript, which means among other things that it can be used in text browsers) on every website they visit, all the time… If you can tell, I do not want to have to fill a CAPTCHA every time I follow a link to a mailing list message on

    I realize CloudFlare is convenient, but it breaks important advantages of the Internet by making it centralized and makes websites significantly less usable for Tor users. These are things that are very important to me, and I suspect to the community Gmane is intended to serve; so, please, find an alternative to CloudFlare.

    Again, thanks for bringing back Gmane!

    1. Gmane has been hidden behind Cloudflare some months prior to us taking it over. It handles a lot of the drive-by attacks (and there have already been quite a few) without us having to focus on DDOS/DOS mitigation.

      Unfortunately for now, we can’t change this but will be happy to relook at this once we completed the rebuild and have more time to dedicate to mitigation work.

      ~ Mark

  3. Thank you so much for bringing Gmane back! I use the NNTP interface every day, and the web interface is nice to have now and then, too.

    One relatively minor thing currently not working is, which allows linking to a message if you know the message ID, for example:[email protected]om

    Personally, I’d like to see this feature come back, once the bigger stuff is taken care of.

    Thanks again,


    1. There was an issue in the request sanitiser, which wasn’t handling the underscore properly.

      Martin has updated and pushed the change to the site, your link is working now.

      ~ Mark

  4. The nntp bridge of the mailing list [email protected] broke when Lars decided to pull the plug. The geda project aims to maintain and further develop an open sourced suite of electronics applications — simulation, schematic capture, layout design, I noticed, that the nntp bridge of other gmane mirrored mailing lists I am signed in are operational. However, gmane.comp.cad.geda-user remains silent in my nntp reader, although I receive about two geda-user messages per day in my regular email box.

    I’d love to read geda-user in my favorite nntp-reader again. It is a much better designed to follow long winded discussions by several authors. Here are the details again:
    email list address: [email protected]
    gmane list name: gmane.comp.cad.geda-user

    Thank you for picking up the torch!

    All the best,


    Kai-Martin Knaak
    Universität Hannover, Inst. f. Quantenoptik
    Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover
    GPG key:

    1. The NNTP articles are not currently feeding into the website’s storage. Once Martin finishes the NNRP server then it will sync up.

      ~ Mark

  5. Hi Mark.
    As mentioned above, the nntp bridge of the mailing list [email protected] broke when Lars decided to pull the plug. Unfortunately, the bridge to this specific mailing list remained silent, when you did the reboot.
    I’d love to read the geda list with my favorite usenet reader again. Can you look into what blocks the list from gmane’s catalog?

    Best regards,

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